Quit your job and start living

(DISCLAIMER: if you haven’t been personally invited to this blog you should know in advance that I’m crazy and have a big mouth. So, if you are still here it’s entirely on you! Plus, I’m not a native speaker so be gentle on my grammatical errors.)

Hi Universe! (Yes, I know it seems a lot but I can’t ignore the possibility of someone/something somewhere in a distant galaxy being listening this)

There are people that live their entire lives without ever wondering, there are others who find consolation in religious institutions and there are the unfortunates, like me, that over think everything and live in suffer for not being able to understand what the fuck are we all doing here?!

Having this mindset, it was on October 2016 that I officially told my boss that I’ve decided to take a leave without payment for undetermined time. Nevertheless, only now, almost nine months after, I’m fulfilling my goal: traveling the world! Wandering…So, I’ve absolutely no idea what I’m doing. Am I running away? Am I searching for meaning? Or is it just a genetic nomadic need? The fact is that here and now (June 25th 2017), 30000 feet above the ground, on board my flight to Istanbul, I finally start feeling something… Excitement? Joy? The numbness was so long that I can’t tell anymore…


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