Kandovan – troglodyte village

25th of July 2017 ​(3 Mordad 1396) 38°C, clear sky and no wind. Dragged myself out of the bed (by bed I mean carpet on the floor) at 5h30 to exit the apartment with Hamid, because I couldn’t stay at his place, with his wife, while he wasn’t there… With so much time I decided to go to Kandovan, a traditional/turistic troglodyte village 60Km south of Tabriz. After one taxi, one minibus and one hitchhike I arrived at this fantastic scenario, that some consider as the Iranian Cappadocia (I disagree):

Kandovan troglodyte houses

Went back to Tabriz in time for lunch, Dizi, a rich lamb, potatoes and chickpeas stew.

Dizi after being prepared (mixed and smashed)

The afternoon was spent relaxing (waiting for Hamid to return home) at Elgoli Park, the biggest green area of Tabriz, full of families camping and picnicking, and where I met a nice old man, former Arabic teacher happy to practice some English while sharing his anti-government ideas…

Elgoli Park

When finally back home we where all so tired that we just slept.

PS: It has been one month since I started my trip, from now​ on it will be a new personal record every day 🙂


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