Iran for backpackers

After doing my research, mainly based on other travelers opinions and on this great websites (theculturetrip and rucksackramblings) my loose plan to backpack through the ancient Persia (Iran) during one month is the following: 

  1. Tabriz (the birthplace of Shams)
  2. Kandovan (troglodyte village)
  3. Kaleybar (Babak castle)
  4. Ardabil (Savalan Mountains)
  5. Fuman (Masouleh village and Anzali lagoon)
  6. Alamut Valley
  7. Tehran (the capital)
  8. Damavand Mountains
  9. Kashan (architecture)
  10. Abyaneh (traditional village)
  11. Isfahan (history and architecture​)
  12. Yazd (history and architecture​)
  13. Shiraz (history and architecture​)
  14. Ghalat (mountain village)
  15. Bandar Abbas (Hormuz strait)
My plan outlook

And of course meet as many people as possible, try all the dishes on the menu and consume local music, dance, theatre, cinema, literature and all other art forms!


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