Meshginshahr – an ordinary town

27th of July 2017 ​(5 Mordad 1396) 34°C, clear sky and no wind. Spent the night at Hotel Savalan (13€, private bathroom, nice and clean bed). Woke up late, checked out around midday and went out for lunch, a nice 1,5€ chicken Kebab on the plate with Iranian rice (have I told that the Iranian rice is really delicious?), tomatoes and onions (they always serve raw onions and garlics as a side dish, but don’t worry everybody else will have as bad breath as you).

Chelo Kebab

After lunch walked 5Km to visit the suspended bridge (3€!!). The only reason why I went to Meshginshahr was because Behzad and Milad insisted that this bridge was amazing. Well, it wasn’t​, but it was still interesting to see what two locals consider to be a great town…

Meshginshahr turistic attraction

Curiosity: the streets of every city in Iran have money collection boxes every 50m… Does it really works?

Money collection box on the streets of Meshginshahr

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