Yazd – the Zoroastrian bastion

​10th of August 2017 ​(19 Mordad 1396), 38°C, clear sky and no wind. Started the day realising that I got parasites…

Immediately swallowed​ the antiparasitic in my medical kit.

Travel tip: keep an eye on your poo, you don’t want to let this bastards grow big!

At midday took the bus to Yazd (4€), where I arrived around 5pm. On the bus met a nice French couple, Marie & Jean, two 21 years old political science students, with whom I shared a taxi to visit Dakhmeh (Zoroastrian Towers of Silence). These 1000 years old towers, built on the top of two hills outside the city, were used by the Ahura Mazda (the highest spirit worshiped in Zoroastrianism) believers to perform ritual burials; in order to avoid soil contamination and diseases spreading, the corps would be laid on the top of the tower to be eaten by vultures and the cleaned bones would after be dissolved in acid.


As, once again, couldn’t find a Couchsurfing host decided to stay at the same hostel as Marie & Jean, the Oasis Hostel (10€, bed without mattress, but good breakfast). In the evening we wandered around the narrow alleys of the picturesque Old Town, passing by the Mausoleum of Seyyed Rokh Al-Din, the Jameh Mosque, the Old Bazaar and finally the illuminated Amir Charhmaq Square.

Rooftop view of the Old Town
Amir Charhmaq Mosque

It was hard to find a non-turistic place for dinner, there were a lot of “traditional” restaurants with english menus, but no local street food stalls. We ended up eating hamburgers, falafel and samosas, while chatting about how’s life in France.

Marie & Jean

​​​​11th of August 2017 ​(20 Mordad 1396), 34°C, cloudy and no wind. In the morning went to visit the Zoroastrian Fire Temple of Yazd, the most important in contemporary Iran, and the Zoroastrian Museum, a compilation of costumes and artifacts used in the more recent Iranian Zoroastrianism. Maybe I’m too demanding but I felt that there wasn’t information neither about the origins nor the philosophy of Zoroastrianism… (If you are also demanding you might wanna check this)

Zoroastrian Fire Temple of Yazd

In the afternoon took the bus to Esfahan (5€, 4h) and from there to Shushtar (15€, 10h). On this central region of the country the landscape is mostly a vast flatness of arid soil punctuated by rocky mountains here an there. The Lut Desert is close by.

Road between Yazd and Esfahan

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