Backpacking in Taiwan – Taichung, Lukang and Hsinchu

Day 127, 30th of October of 2017 (106 according to the Minguo Calendar). 22°C, clear sky and no wind. Arrived at Taichung late in the evening of the day before, my host, Shu, a 25 years old saleswoman, picked me up at the train station and took me to her tiny studio apartment.

We spent a couple of hours discussing history. Shu was very knowledgeable and curious about the Discoveries age. Eventually we fell asleep, Shu on the floor and me on a bed without mattress (by now I’m so used to sleep on hard surfaces that I don’t like soft mattresses anymore).

Woke up early the next day and headed to Lukang, a Town in the outskirts of Taichung famous for its historical old streets. Once there and before starting exploring had lunch in a local canteen. Afterwards walked around the old town visiting some temples and tasting the local seafood delicacies.

Tian hòu gong Temple

Later in the afternoon caught the train back to Taichung, a very modern city, where I visited the National Theatre and the Maple garden before taking yet another train, this time to Hsinchu.

National Taichung Theater
Maple Garden

My host in Hsinchu was Chun, a successful 34 years old engineer, who offered me a delicious dinner at his favourite restaurant. During the banquet we talked about relationships and how Chun believe that he has to be very rich to find a nice girl because that’s all they care for… He also showed me a very interesting smartphone application called “17“, where “entertainers” perform in order to attract followers to offer them “gifts”. I assume that the followers have the secret hope that their gifts will buy the heart of their favourite performer… The performances vary, from singing to cooking, everything is allowed and a lot of skin is unveiled…

Dinner offered by Chun
Generous Chun

Day 128, 31th of October of 2017 (106 according to the Minguo Calendar). 24°C, clear sky and no wind. As Chun had an amazing “couch” I allowed myself to sleep till midday. In the afternoon headed to the city centre to visit the Cheng Huang temple and the market that surrounds it. 
Hsinchu was the less touristic city that I’ve visited in Taiwan. It was nice to observe the elderly playing “banqi” (Chinese chess) outside but very sad to realise the existence of a considerable number of homeless people laying around the parks.

Elderly playing “banqi”
The birthplace of Hsinchu city (1711)

In the evening took the train to Taipei, my last stop in Taiwan.


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