Backpacking in Taiwan – Bustling Taipei

Day 129, 1st of November of 2017 (106 according to the Minguo Calendar). 21°C, cloudy and no wind. Arrived in Taipei the previous night around 10pm and went straight to the Huaxi Night Market to have dinner: snake soup and fried frog! Not bad, it tastes like chicken with a fish twist… Visited the Longshan temple nearby and then met my host. 

The “exotic” restaurant
Longshan Temple

In Taipei I stayed with Jacky, Rosa’s friend from Chiayi, remember? He lives there with three housemates and works for the “17” App company, how odd is that?

That day was spent visiting the endless collections of the National Palace Museum with Rhiannon, a super nice British/Aussie girl, specialized in equine sciences, I met through “Hangouts”. The National Palace Museum is house to the Chinese Imperial treasures brought by the Koumitang when fleeing mainland China; thus being the closest one can get to the true Forbidden City…

National Palace Museum entrance
Ivory sculpture

Afterwards we went for dinner at Linjiang Night Market, drank some beers and, as it was my birthday, partied till 5am at Elektro nightclub… Have never seen so many alcoholic comatose people.

Taiwanese hot dog at Linjiang Night Market
Breakfast after the night out

Day 130, 2nd of November of 2017 (106 according to the Minguo Calendar). 21°C, cloudy and no wind. After having had some sleep went for a hike in Maokong Mountain, a few kilometres southeast of Taipei. To get there you can walk all the way from the metro station or you can take the 4km gondola (3€). I decided to take the gondola up and hike my way down thru the tea fields, visiting some famous temples along the way.

Maokong gondola
Tea picking

Once back in the city went for dinner at Raohe Night Market. I grew really fond of this night market culture, it has such a nice vibe, everybody eating out, playing games and having fun, even on weekdays… They know how to enjoy the little pleasures of life

Raohe night market
Fortune teller “assembly line” at Raohe Night Market

Day 131, 3rd of November of 2017 (106 according to the Minguo Calendar). 23°C, cloudy and no wind. It was time to leave delicious Taiwan and head to my next country: Japan!


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