Macanese wedding, Hong Kong shopping and visa problems

Day 93, 26th of September 2017 (7th of August year of the roster according to the Chinese Traditional Calendar, which is lunisolar based. Using the Anno Huángdì, referring to the beginning of the reign of the Yellow Emperor, it is year 4715AH), 34°C, high humidity (tropical climate) and no wind. If you remember, my original plan (see post) was to cross from Kyrgyzstan to China overland, following the Silk Road all the way to Beijing, but as I didn’t manage to get the Chinese Visa in Bishkek (“we just give visas to Kyrgyz citizens” they told me) I had to adapt.

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Mountain hiking in Kyrgyzstan – looking for Snow Leopards in Ala-Archa

Day 89, 22nd of September 2017, 23°C, clear sky and no wind. At 7 am I was already taking a taxi to Osh Bazaar, from where I took the mashrutka (local minibus) number 265 to Kashka-Suu, the closest village to Ala-Archa National Park, just 40 Km south of Bishkek.

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