Dogubayazit – the palace and the military

21th of July 2017 ​(26 Shawwal 1438), 26°C, clear skies but windy. Arrived at Dogubayazit at 04h30am, after 17h inside five different buses (Ayder – Rize – Erzurum – Agri – Dogubayazit) Continue reading “Dogubayazit – the palace and the military”


Kackar – wildflowers heaven

17th of July 2017 ​(22 Shawwal 1438), 25°C, partially cloudy and no wind. Arrived at Ayder the day before around 5pm together with Merve and Muhammed that came with me to help me find a way to hike the Kackar Mountains (yes, they were that nice!). Continue reading “Kackar – wildflowers heaven”